who we are

We are a group of law accountants who believe being part of a bigger group creates strength for the profession. It provides a platform for individuals and organisations to make a difference to the standard of law accountancy services rendered throughout Scotland. All members must comply with our Code of Conduct which means if you instruct one of our member firms, you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best that the profession has to offer.

"A.I.L.A. was established in 2002 with the hope that it would bring law accountants together to create a stronger voice for our profession. We are proud that A.I.L.A is an association of law accountants, for law accountants."

Willie McDougall, Chairperson

why join a.i.l.a.?


Interact and socialise with other law accountants on both a social and professional level, opening channels of communication for the future.

collective voice

We believe the sum is greater that the constituent parts when it comes to ensuring your voice is heard. We offer a collective voice.

change the course

Why not engage with, and as a result influence, changes or proposed developments?
Don't stand by in ignorance.


You can build on your existing knowledge from experts in the profession with years of experience. You can impart your knowledge too.


Be part of a movement to protect the profession. A wider demographic can also make you more ready for upcoming changes.


Interacting with other members can raise the opportunity for further personal development in various forms.